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Our Tequilas

Tequilas Los Beltran takes great pride in producing only the best Tequila from 100% Blue Agave.


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Our History

Our Blue agave takes 7 years before it can be harvested and then matured into great tequila

The Starting Point

Inspiration born by our Mexican farmers, who in the 1940’s came to North America leaving behind valleys and fields full of the highest quality blue agave. Blue agave takes 7 years before it can be harvested and then matured into great tequila. This tequila will now rest in the finest barrels to be transformed and refined into Tequilas Los Beltran.

Nuestra Historia

La inspiración nace por nuestros agricultores mexicanos, que en la década de los 1940’sllegaron a América del Norte dejando atrás los valles y campos llenos de la más alta calidad de agave azul. Agave Azul tarda 7 años antes de que se pueda cosechar y luego madura en gran tequila. Este tequila ahora descansa en las mejores barricas para ser transformado y refinado en Tequilas Los Beltrán.

Dinero tequila y amor… ¡ No hay otra cosa mejor !

B&R Distributors

Founded in 1999, B&R Distributors Main Offices are located in San Jose, California.

Each of our fine products contain 100% Blue Agave. Tequilas Los Beltran is produced with the finest agave plant. Harvested direct from the valley of agave in El Arenal Jalisco, just minutes away from Tequila Town, Jalisco, Mexico.

Owner and operator Bernardo has been involved in the tequila industry for 25 years. His understandings of the tequila process and desire to produce only the best has him overseeing all aspects of distilling and distribution of his product.

Tequilas Los Beltran produces, distills, and distributes direct to the retail outlets throughout the United States. We are currently distributing to over 20,000 locations throughout California and the Southwest. Tequila Los Beltran has a capacity of producing 100,000 liters a month.

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